Who We Are

What Our Members Do

Our members work with families, helping them with real problems. Some examples of what our members advise on are: providing for a husband following his wife’s death, while protecting the interests of their children; ensuring elderly or vulnerable relatives are cared for and supported; helping families with interests spread across the world to be compliant with the laws and tax rules of different countries; ensuring that a family business will pass safely from one generation to another; and helping clients to support charitable causes in an effective way.

STEP Worldwide

STEP New York is a branch of the Society of Trust and Estates Practitioners (“STEP”). Globally, STEP has over 100 branches and chapters across the world, consisting of more than 20,000 members from across 95 countries. Members belong to a local branch/chapter that provides professional development and opportunities to network at a local level.

STEP Worldwide’s headquarters is in London.