Results are in Announcing: STEP New York Board: 2019

We are pleased to announce the results on the election of our new Step New York Board for 2019!!!

Megan Worrell, Duane Morris, Chair

Ed Devine, Brown Brothers Harriman, Vice Chair and Chair of Program Committee

Marina Cristiani,  CISA New York & Brent Lipschultz, PWC :  Vice Chairs and Co-Chairs Events Committee

Carly McKeeman Doshi, HSBCPB, Vice Chair and Chair of Communications Committee

Steve Saraisky, Cole Schotz, PC, Vice Chair and Chair of Membership Committee

Peter Culver, Family Wealth Advisors, Vice Chair and Chair of the Sponsorship Committee

David Isaacs, Triple Peel International, LLC, Treasurer

Jeryl Pine, Secretary

STEP NEW YORK Board would like to take this opportunity to thank both Glenn Fox, Chair of Sponsorship Committee  and Gabe Wolosky,  Treasurer for their dedication and hard work for several years.  Both positions require many hours of work and we thank them both for a job well done.