STEP Meeting: Global Taxation of Trust Beneficiaries

By Debra M. Simon, CPA, MST, TEP


STEP did it again – with the plethora of professional associations, CPE/CLE sources, and other firms offering meetings, STEP meetings still manages to pack timely, important information  concise meetings.  The recent monthly meeting on Global Taxation, at which presenters went beyond the title, was one of many examples of this.

At the meeting on October 25, attorneys from Germany, Israel, England, Italy and France presented updates on their respective country’s reporting requirements.  All particularly emphasized the enforcement of reporting that, in many cases, is not specifically a 2017 requirement but enforcement is now expected.  Additionally, some discussed individual requirements for reporting that are outside of just the trust/beneficiary arena.

In a 2 ¼ hour program, not only did members receive information,  but now have approachable contacts within all of the jurisdictions represented who are available to them in the case of need for clarification and further questions.

Introducing members to global professionals is one of STEP’s fortes, and to have all of these countries represented in one regular monthly meeting is extraordinary.